Investment Process

Creating a Connection

O’Brien Capital works actively with business owners and advisory firms willing to pay a fee to source potential investment opportunities.  We work hard to be responsive during the process and maintain the highest level of confidentiality with all information shared.  Investment opportunities that might be of interest to O’Brien Capital should be forwarded to

Preliminary Review & Due Diligence

After reviewing initial information obtained or speaking with management, we would typically arrange a visit to the company.  Our interest is to view its operations first hand and meet the owner and those members of management involved in the process.  O’Brien would express its further interest by presenting an indication of interest or a letter of intent to the seller in which an indication of value and structure are outlined.

Thereafter, if the seller accepts the letter of interest, O’Brien Capital would complete its due diligence process.  This process is managedand as non-disruptive as possible.  The diligence typically covers areas such as management, business operations, customer review, industry, legal, accounting, tax and environmental.  We have long-standing relationships with various third-party experts in these areas to engage them in the process as needed.

Decision Making

O’Brien Capital has an efficient decision-making process as a result of the small size and uncomplicated structure of the company.  Discretion over the investment of capital resides within the team members of the firm.  This allows for quick and direct decision-making and greatly facilitates interaction with management teams.

Post-Investment Collaboration

Management teams are expected to maintain their independence and to remain in control of day-to-day operations.  O’Brien Capital’s role is collaborative and strategic in nature – facilitating, wherever possible, management’s efforts to build value.  Aside from capital, O’Brien Capital brings to its companies expertise in corporate finance, strategic planning and general management.

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