Portfolio Companies

ORCO Precision Machine, LLC


Located in Cuba, Missouri, ORCO Precision Machine, LLC specializes in precision machining, fabrication, assembly, and design of highly engineered components for the aerospace and defense industries using state-of-the-art CNC equipment, including 3, 4, & 5-axis machining.


GirlsAskGuys, LLC


Based in St. Louis, Missouri, GirlsAskGuys.com is an online social community fostering an open dialogue and greater communication opportunities between girls and guys. Genders share their opinions & life experiences to help and better understand each other on topics ranging from dating & relationships to fashion & health. GirlsAskGuys, LLC has currently developed both an English and a Turkish version of the social community.

Classic Equine Equipment, LLC


Located in Fredericktown, Missouri, Classic Equine Equipment, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality equine facility systems.  Classic works alongside the customer and architect or builder to create an environment that is both beautiful, safe, and low-maintenance for years to come. Their product lines include horse stall systems, barn doors, stable windows, free run exercisers, FullStride horse treadmills and entrance gates.


Standfast USA


Standfast USA, LLC, located in Chicago, Illinois, is a height safety system solutions company providing design, manufacturing, distribution and installation of fall protection systems and equipment for elevated work surfaces including those in the crane, transportation, construction, mining, manufacturing and wind energy industries.

In an industry where height safety regulations are beginning to be strictly enforced by OSHA in the US and by other agencies worldwide, Standfast’s premier product, the TRAM, is the only fall protection device/system that combines all of the following important work surface attributes:  secures the user during dangerous ladder-to-platform transition; keeps the user from getting to a position where a fall can even occur; serves as an adjustable hand-hold and anchor point that moves along the work platform with the user; allows for installation in severe climates and conditions; exceeds fall protection regulations worldwide.




Sniperdyne is an integrated eCommerce service provider located in Belleville, Illinois.  Sniperdyne offers cutting edge solutions superior to the standard eCommerce shopping cart; they provide complete automation and integrated solutions, connecting your enterprise resource planning data to vendors, sales representatives, and customers without redundant data entry.